Dedicated Server & How it Works

Dedicated servers are the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for hosting for large websites. A large website of course requires a larger capacity, so a dedicated server provides large resources according to your needs.

Dedicated servers do look tempting for those of you who are building a large website. But of course before subscribing to this hosting as your hosting of choice, of course you have to know more about dedicated servers. So in this article we will discuss more about dedicated servers starting from their benefits, advantages, to recommendations for example.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a hosting service where you as a user will get an entire server just for yourself. Like a house, this hosting allows you to use it as if it were your own home.

This server will later be managed by a backend provider. You can remotely connect to a dedicated server on the internet to perform server-based services. Not only can you host applications or services, data storage and backup services can also be done with a dedicated server. This hosting can also be used internally for hosting and providing special services, such as implementing dedicated files or network servers.

For those who are confused about how this giant server works. So here we will explain. This server works like a house that has just been occupied. You as a user will get an empty server and have full rights to modify the hosting.

With these full rights, you will get huge resources and have root access to the existing server. So this server is suitable for websites and applications that require a lot of resources. Examples include e-commerce, online gaming platforms, finance sites, and so on.

After that, you have to determine which operating system you will use to run the dedicated server. You can use an operating system such as Windows, Linux, or others. After that you can log in to the server. Remember, when logging into your account, increase server security by installing a firewall. This aims to ensure that your server is not attacked by malware or other external threats.

After that, don’t forget to update the OS to the latest version so that the performance of your operating system can be even faster. Don’t forget to install and configure the web server. After that, existing domains can be directed to available IPs. The most important thing is to install an SSL certificate which aims to keep data on the website safe.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Servers?

This server works so well that it provides many benefits to its users. So what are the real benefits of this dedicated server? My story will be displayed.

  • Full Control
    The first benefit of using this server is complete control over the entire server. Stored data can also be fully controlled through this hosting. This is of course because the rented server is completely yours. Users do not need to share so that control can be completely owned by the server owner.
  • Large Storage Capacity
    Furthermore, if you use this hosting, you will get very large storage. The storage on this server is much larger compared to other hosting. So it is very suitable for large websites with lots of data.
  • Storage Not Shared with Others
    If you use a dedicated server, of course your storage will be exclusive and will not be shared with other users. This is because the dedicated server is only owned by you. This way you can save more data and the data you save will not be damaged by contamination with data from other users.
  • More Flexible
    The final benefit of this hosting is that it is more flexible to use. More flexible in the sense that users can use a dedicated server according to their needs. In fact, not only for creating websites, this server can also be used for libraries or data storage. Its use is very flexible, isn’t it?
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What are the functions of a dedicated server?

There are many conveniences that can be obtained if you use this hosting server. Because there is no need to share with other users, the function of this server is maximized. Below we will explain more about the functions of this dedicated server,

  • High Flexibility
    You can flexibly install and choose the operating system according to your wishes. Unlike other hosting, this server provides more freedom and convenience for you. That way, your server service can also be customized. CPU, RAM, storage and software are things you can freely customize.
  • There are no restrictions on application usage and storage on this server.
    You will also get full control over your server freely. So, for websites that require flexibility, this server really has a plus point.
  • Can Control the Server Completely
    By using this server, you can control your server completely. Using a dedicated server on a large website can be done easily. All modifications and many resources can be fully used.
  • With this complete control, risks such as CPU and RAM being blocked by other servers such as in shared hosting can be avoided. This is because you are the only person who fully controls the CPU and RAM.
  • Get a Unique IP Address
    This server offers you a unique IP address that is different from other users. As we know, all servers on the internet have their own private IP. Every website with the same server will share the same IP.

Having a different IP address can increase the security of your website. Where you don’t need to worry about having to share the same IP address with other websites, which is often dangerous and threatens the reputation of your website. Apart from that, a different IP address can also be an attraction for your website and can differentiate it from other websites.

Website performance can be improved and is much safer
For websites with a lot of user data, using a dedicated server can be the best choice. Your data can be kept safe with this server. This hosting is only used by you, so it’s no wonder this server is much safer.

Virus attacks and errors can be avoided with this server. Because of this, the website will remain stable and website performance can increase because there are no obstacles on the website.

SEO Optimization Can Be Improved

In line with website performance increasing, website SEO can also be further improved. Since 2010, the main factor in determining website ranking has been its loading speed. Therefore, using this server can further increase your website’s ranking on search pages.

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As website rankings increase, organic website visitors will also increase. This increase in visitors will increase website traffic, of course the dedicated server is ready to handle this increase in visitors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

In order to be more confident in deciding whether to move to a dedicated server or not, of course you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of this server. There are many considerations that you have to take into account, so we will explain them below.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

Before using a dedicated server for your business, of course you have to understand what the advantages of a dedicated server are. Here’s the explanation!

  • Can be used by all types of businesses
    Starting from small companies to large companies, this server can be used to develop your business. This server is suitable for use by any company. Especially for companies that have been running for a long time and need improvements in the performance and performance of the website.
  • As previously explained, this server will ensure that your website’s performance remains stable. With this stable performance, visitors will continue to come to the website so that traffic on the website will be higher.
  • High traffic also requires a lot of resources on the website. Because with large resources, the server can handle traffic spikes smoothly too. Of course, as a dedicated server, this server provides large resources that only you can enjoy.
  • SEO Optimization
    This server allows you to optimize SEO. This is the most profitable hosting advantage. Dedicated servers allow websites to run smoothly, so the bounce rate can be minimized.
  • What’s more, Google will prioritize websites with faster speeds so that websites that use this hosting will easily rank up on the first page of the browser.
  • Downtime and Errors Rarely Occur
    Furthermore, if you use this server, you will rarely encounter downtime and errors. Reliable server uptime is available on this server. If the website often experiences downtime and errors, visitors will be reluctant to visit the website, so this will affect traffic and also the website’s SEO ranking.
  • Large Resources and Resources
    The performance of a website is the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing hosting. So this dedicated server is very suitable for those of you who want fast website performance. With large resources and resources, it is no wonder that website performance can be fast if you use this hosting. These large resources are obtained through a private server if you use this server.
  • Server Control Can Be Done Very Easily
    Server control can be done remotely if you use this server. There is no need to worry about physical servers because controlling the server will be much easier. You don’t need to bother monitoring the physical server so it’s more efficient too.
  • Much Safer
    Using this server means your website will be much safer. All data, databases and applications can be guaranteed safe if you use this dedicated server. How can security be so maintained? The answer is easy, this is because a dedicated server is only used by one user so there is no need to worry about virus attacks, hacking, data leaks or even malware.
  • Full Access to the Server
    You can freely and flexibly access this server because all existing servers are yours. That way, server configuration can be done easily according to the specifications required by your website.
  • Operating System Can Be Selected Easily
    Complete freedom in choosing the operating system can be achieved if you use this hosting. Not only the operating system, hardware, configuration type, and other settings can be adjusted easily. So you don’t have to worry about the operating system not being supported by the dedicated server. Whether Linux or Windows, this server can work optimally.
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Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

In addition to considering the use of this hosting, of course the disadvantages must also be known. So below we will explain further about the shortcomings of this server.

  • Less Affordable Prices
    When compared to other hosting, the price of this dedicated server is much more expensive. The price set is adjusted to the specifications of the server used. Therefore, a dedicated server is different from VPS or shared hosting in terms of price apart from its features.
  • Requires Qualified or Advanced Skills
    If you use this dedicated server, then at least you or your team must have qualified technical skills. This skill will be used for server management, installing software, and dealing with problems with the server. However, you can also look for expert technicians who can help you.
  • Why should you choose a dedicated server?
    The main reason why you should choose this server is because of the control. You can optimize your server for specific resources and control website performance and security.
  • Example of a Dedicated Server Service
    After knowing everything about this server, then we will provide examples of recommendations for the best dedicated servers that you can try. The best dedicated server that you can try is the server from IDCloudHost.

As one of the number 1 hosting providers in Indonesia, IDCloudHost offers dedicated server services that provide large and fast resources for the growth and development of your website.

The servers offered also have affordable prices. This is certainly very helpful for MSMEs and small businesses that want to develop. Not only that, IDCloudHost offers fast technical assistance so that problems related to your physical or virtual server can be handled quickly. IDCloudHost is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for this dedicated hosting service provider.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dedicated Server for Business

So if you are ready to switch to this server, it’s time for us to share tips on choosing good hosting. Below we will briefly explain it.

  • Choosing a Trusted Hosting Provider
    Know the specifications of the server you want to use
    Choose a service that has fast responsive customer service


Dedicated servers are exclusive server services that you can choose for your large website, your business server network, or websites that want to grow. Using this server will bring good value to your website, from improving your company’s SEO to maintaining the security of your website from attacks. Apart from that, the plus point of this server is that it has full resources and control by you.