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5 Anti-senile Apps

senile aka easy to forget something is one of the effects that can occur if you are lazy to train your brain. Unfortunately, this symptom occurs a lot with young people aka millennials who show signs of early senile dementia.

Therefore, having an Android smartphone should not only be used for gaming, chatting or social media updates. Take some time to train your brain with these five anti-senile apps on Android:
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1.Brain It On! Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! Physics Puzzles is an application that invites you to train your brain while playing and imagining. You will be invited to arrange pictures with various shapes and complete the levels in it.

Although it seems simple, playing this game is not as easy as it seems. It takes creativity and high imagination power to complete difficult levels. If you have trouble, this game provides a ‘hint’ button or the option to ask friends on social media. Fun, isn’t it?
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2. NeuroNation – Focus and Brain Training

This game contains a brain training package that can be modified according to your wishes and needs. Developed by Neuroscientist, NeuroNation – Focus and Brain Training helps you to train your memory and improve memory/capture in a fun way.

How to play is also simple and easy to understand, you will be asked to play games randomly and this game will automatically analyze your strengths and weaknesses. If you play every day, then you can see your progress data from day to day.
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3. Lumosity – Brain Training

Slightly different from the previous two applications, Lumosity is an application for training the brain that uses the concepts of everyday life in it. In this game, you will play a profession with daily activities, for example a cafe employee serving guests or a policeman controlling traffic.

Lumosity invites you to train thinking speed, memory, comprehension and flexibility. The fun thing is, you can also compare your score with other users who also play this game.
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4. Peak – Brain Games & Training

This application called Peak is designed in a simple way to help you train your grasping power and concentration. Consisting of various mini games, this application can sometimes drain your emotions if you are an impatient person.

Even so, this application can develop your coordination, multitasking and creativity skills. Ideally, you play four mini games every day for results or brain development that you can feel.
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5. Memory Games: Brain Training

TThe application developed by Maple Media has 21 different types of games that are designed to train comprehension and intelligence. Interestingly, this app also lets you challenge other players to play against you.

Can be played offline, Memory Games offers a simple game even though it is still challenging or a little difficult. It doesn’t waste your time, the games you play only take 2-3 minutes to complete.
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